Jet lag without the jet

I don’t think it’s fair that I’ve been feeling really jetlagged without having gone on an actual trip. Whoever invented DST was a jerk (a quick Wikipedia entry reveals it was George Vernon Hudson – damn you, George). It’s probably a combination of DST and just general staying up too late, but my circadian clock has been completely off this entire week. For example, I was tired earlier and am now extremely awake, hence not wanting to do homework and blogging instead.

Perhaps it’s the sleep pattern disruptions, but my week feels like it’s been all over the map. I think there have just been a lot of smaller things that have added up to make me feel slightly insane. (As my friend put it, “I want to write a book about your life.”) When I think about it, though, it all seems to boil down to one thing – communication. My entire week has been a series of miscommunicating, not communicating, and wondering what the other person means when they attempt to communicate. Whether it’s someone just rubbing me the wrong way, failing to carry out a message that they were supposed to send, or just being generally enigmatic, I feel like I’ve been walking around with this large sign saying “Hey! You should make my life complicated today!”

Thinking about it more, though, I am not really sure I can really say where the fault lies. Sure, it’s easy to point fingers and say that this person wasn’t listening, that this other person said something they shouldn’t and consequently I deserve to be mad, etc etc. But knowing myself means I know that I can also be guilty of failing to pick up on cues that I should. It’s totally possible that I took things the wrong way or that the person had completely good intentions.

After ranting to my best friend and letting my stress out at the gym, I’ve come to the realization that I tend to let things build up, which in turn influences how I interpet other people’s actions. Actually, this is a lie. I knew it already, but I need to remind myself once in a while. I think the fix for this is to try to see the cues that people are throwing at my head and I’m letting bounce off, and to stop getting so worried about smaller things.

This will probably last all of a few days, but it’s worth a shot! And now with a clear head, I am going to toddle off and work on deciphering some Chaucer. Exciting life I lead!


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