Starting my countdown

Despite a lack of sleep and too much homework (what else is new? I should really just assume that this is my default state until end of April), I’m happy to say that I’ve been having a pretty good week. It feels like it’s been pretty hectic, but in a good way – always on the go, meeting someone, eating something, that kind of jazz. It’s funny how the sympathy seems to flow when your family jets off to the Caribbean and leave you. I’ve had more offers of company this week than I know what to do with. I feel pretty loved, not going to lie.

It’s the first sunny day we’ve had in a while, so I’ve been in a good mood all day. SFU had to go and ruin it by snowing, but the sun returned pretty soon afterwards so I’m going to consider it a win. It’s the third week of March – I honestly feel like I should be able to wear t-shirts by now, but nope, it’s still layers and layers of clothing for me.  My city seems to be pretty resistant to this whole idea of spring.

I came to the realization yesterday that I have about a month left until I’m done this semester (including finals), which is exciting for two reasons. One, this semester has been a ton of work and I’m really, REALLY excited to have no more homework or studying to do. Second, the faster this semester ends, the faster I will be going to California! I’m finally settling my housing up, so things are starting to fall into place, and I can’t wait to see everyone I met last summer and to meet even more amazing people. Plus, the sun and I have some serious catching up to do. I love Vancouver, but the sun doesn’t seem to share my feelings.

I’m also going to a information session for the field school in Italy I want to do in the fall, so my year of travelling seems to be coming together. I really can’t wait for both of my trips – I will definitely miss my friends here and my family, but I always think that the best time to travel and experience things is during university. Besides, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, right?  (Er, I’m neither Jack nor Jill, but whatever). I have such a travel bug – there’s so many places I want to go and not enough time (or finances), but I will eventually get everywhere I want to go!

I’m feeling inexplicably happy and optimistic. I’m not going to question it. :)


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