It’s just starting to dawn on me how much I need to accomplish in the next week and how very little I want to do the work. The last push of the semester is always the worst, because it’s when you’re supposed to work the hardest but you have the least motivation. I’ve really been operating on a sleep deficit this entire week, and I can tell that the little cogs in my head are starting to grind up uncomfortably against each other and slow down.

I went to go see The Importance of Being Earnest at the Stanley on Wednesday night, and I loved it! Oscar Wilde is brilliant, and it was acted out well. What dismayed me slightly was the fact that I’m pretty sure I was the youngest one there; apparently nobody my age does things like going to go see a play written in the late 1890’s. This was further reinforced when I went to a friend’s place later and he gave me a blank look when I mentioned Oscar Wilde, and an even blanker look when I asked him if he knew who Chaucer is. I’ll have to admit the English geek in me cried a bit, but then again, there’s a lot of things I don’t know or care about so I’m sure it works out somewhere.

My faculty also had a formal on Thursday night, which I thought went really well. I ran around a ton for the first few hours just making sure things were going smoothly, so I didn’t really get a chance to sit down and have dinner, but I danced lots later and still had a really good time. I was a complete cripple on Friday though – I seriously felt like I had stubs on the ends of my legs for feet. Heels are killer. I really do hope guys understand the pain we go through to be tall. (Especially if you’re as short as I am.)

I have so much stuff to do, but I think Vancouver is laughing at me because we’ve been having a beautiful weekend – it was gorgeous yesterday and today. I went for a run, but other than that I’ve been mostly sitting at my dining room table looking wistfully outside. Ten days till freedom! Back to work I go, enjoy your Easter weekend everyone! (I will be pigging out tomorrow night and words cannot describe how excited I am).


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