I’m alive!

My god, it’s like I disappeared into a time vortex or something. I really don’t understand what happened in the last few weeks – I think I just lived and breathed school for about two weeks solid with very little sleep and absolutely no time. Regardless, it’s a few weeks later and I’m done school (though not done school-related events) and almost – almost! ready to take a breath.

The last few weeks of my semester are honestly a sleepless blur. I had so many assignments due in the same week, and then exams came right afterwards, and it was just a mush of study-study-eat-study-study-eat. But I did pretty well in most of my classes at the end of it all, and now I’m done taking computer science classes for a year! I’m actually a little worried I’m going to forget everything, but Google this summer should prevent that. Also, NO MORE MATH CLASSES. EVER. I have officially completed the math portion of my degree and did the corresponding happy dance.

Right now I am really wrapped up in planning Try/CATCH, an outreach event for high school girls that I’m organizing. It’s this Saturday and there are a million last minute things that need to be done (of course) – it’s actually been pretty draining for the last week, but it’s almost over, and I think it should be good. We surpassed the number of participants I was aiming for, which is great, so fingers crossed the day goes well. I always find planning events simultaneously absolutely stressful and really rewarding: it’s rewarding after the fact, but before and during all you can do is sweat because you hope that things will work out. Which is what I’m doing right now.

I’m really looking forwards to the next two weeks, after Saturday – I have no more school obligations (despite no more classes, I’ve been at SFU pretty much every day this week and last) and I can just hang out with friends and relax before I head down to California. It’s a little bittersweet actually that I’m going so soon – I mean, I’m really excited to go and to see all of my American friends, but on the other hand there’s people here that I want to pack in my suitcase and take with me. Too bad they don’t make people-sized suitcases. It would really solve a lot of problems. I have lots of engineering friends, I should suggest it to them.


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