“Whoa – I had no idea my makeup brush was that colour!”

It’s been a pretty hectic week – lots and lots of assignments, which meant I was spending a lot of time in my cave – er,┬ároom. This upcoming week isn’t too great either, but at least things are due at the end of the week, which gives me some time to study and whatnot.

For my weekly Thursday lunch, I went to a raw food vegan place called Gorilla Food, on Richards. I wasn’t really sure what to expect – to be honest, I never really understand what vegans eat. From what I can tell, they seem to be missing out on a heck of a lot (of course, my food addiction probably biases me a little), but hey, to each their own. My friend and I initially got lost trying to find it – we thought their kitchen was the restaurant and were quite confused at the lack of decor and chairs. Turns out it was another few storefronts down, and we just suck at reading signs.

I got a choco-gorilla shake, which had almond milk, cacao, banana and hempseed, and a “nyce” bowl, which was veggies and seeds. They were actually pretty good – the shake tasted a bit gritty because of the hemp, but the dressing on the veggies was really good. I was pretty full by the time I had gone through half of my shake and 2/3rds of my bowl and I couldn’t finish everything. That in itself is likely a good sign because I never seem to get permanently full when my meal consists mostly of veggies. It was pretty pricey though, probably because everything was organic.

This evening, I wanted a break from my homework, so I did what every normal girl does on a Saturday night: my sister and I washed our makeup brushes. We’re pretty cool that way. I hadn’t washed mine in at least a year, and my sister in at least two years, so it seemed like a good plan considering we rub them all over our faces on a regular basis. It’s a pretty easy procedure – take some water and baby shampoo and scrub-a-dub-dub. What made it interesting was the absolutely disgusting colour of the water we were washing them in. It was pretty gross. On the bright side, my sister kept on discovering that “whoa, my brush is actually that colour?!”

We then finished our amazing Saturday night by watching the Game of Thrones TV series (which is awesome, by the way). We are the coolest sisters ever.