Hello, 2012

As a good computer scientist, it seems only appropriate to begin a blog with “Hello, world.”

I’ve been thinking of beginning a blog for a while now – but something has always seemed to get in the way and so it’s been one of those ideas that sits idly in the back of your head collecting dust. However, it turns out that my technical writing class this semester requires a blog, which seemed like a nudge from the universe. So, here I am.

To be honest, I usually only write in a journal where I really don’t worry about grammar or who might read it, so writing a blog that other people might actually look at is an entirely different experience. But I will be travelling a lot this year – California for the summer and hopefully Italy and Europe in the fall – and I thought that this might be a good way to document that. As well, it’s a new year, and what are new years for but making resolutions that you (try to) keep? Besides, I know I’ll work on this particular resolution until April at least, since I have 5% of my grade riding on it :P That’s farther than I usually get with my new year resolutions. I think what happens – and what probably happens for most people – is that for some reason I believe that just because it’s a new year I can reinvent myself as a person. But really, what is the difference between December 31st, 2011, and January 1st, 2012? Why not reinvent yourself from January 31st, 2012 to February 1st, 2012? Or even January 6th to January 7th? It’s all only a change in number. I think it takes a lot more than a simple number change in order to be able to keep one of the huge resolutions that people tend to make. That’s not to say that I’m not going to try (as I always do) – only this time it’ll be easier, because I am morally unable to not do my homework. :P