Blogging in the wee hours

…is equal to procrastination at its finest.

I have tooooo much stuff to do, but I also need a bit of a break because my mind is starting to go insane, so it’s time for a very-early-morning-post.

I’ve been a bit absent – the last week has been good, but busy. I feel like the last bits of the semester are just trickling through my fingers like sand – I thought there was so much more of it, but it’s just all falling through the cracks and slipping away faster than I could believe. Not that I’m complaining – as far as I’m concerned, the sooner school is over the better.

As for notable events of the last week or so: I went to a information session for the field school in Italy that I want to do this upcoming fall, and I am so incredibly excited for it. It sounds so amazing! You essentially spend eight weeks in Prato, Italy, studying the literature, art history and history that comes after the Black Death. It’s actually interesting, because I’m studying some similar things in my Medieval Lit class right now, so I might know a few things about the time that we’re looking at. You stay in little places around the town, you learn Italian, you take classes at a palazzo and field trips every Thursday – it sounds like a dream come true. I’m practically hopping with anxiety to sign myself up. (You think I’m kidding? You want to know how often I check the SFU International page to see if applications are open? It is sad, I tell you. Sad.)

I also saw the Hunger Games on Friday, which I was pleasantly surprised with. I’m one of those people who always likes the book better than the movie (except, perhaps, for Lord of the Rings. As much as I love the books, the movies are – well – epic), but I think they did a really good job on it. The actors/actresses were spot on in their characters, they stayed mostly true to the plot, and it was a well-done movie overall. I really enjoyed it – so go see it! (But read the books first).

I also feel like I’ve done a ton of cooking in the last few days. I made cookies on the weekend as a way of warding off my homework:

The recipe was originally for oatmeal raisin cookies, but I changed them to oatmeal blueberry pecan. Variety is the spice of life, y’know. Also I ran out of raisins. The recipe is from smitten kitchen – I just changed the raisins to dried blueberries and walnuts to pecans.

I also made truffle pasta for dinner. Basically, take some pasta, add some alfredo sauce, sundried tomatoes and peas; then add the magic – one part truffle cream to two parts olive oil, drizzled over the pasta. Drool. I only had whole-wheat spaghetti in the house, though, which I think ruined it a bit. When you’re eating something like truffle oil, you need the unhealthy amazingness of normal linguine.

Then today, I had to make MORE food for a potluck tomorrow (which I forgot about). I managed to get myself into a rice-krispie disaster: I think the marshmallows my mom gave me were really old, so they wouldn’t melt properly, so I just ended up with this gigantic marshmallow that looked like a life form. It clung to the sides of the pot and I could practically hear its tiny voice going “noooooooo” as it reached out its tiny marshmallow-y tendrils to grasp frantically at the edges of the saucepan. Kind of like a weird marshmallow fiend. Anyways, that failed, so I just made cookies but was way too tired by that point to even care what they taste like. They’ve got butter and chocolate and sugar, so it’s pretty hard to go wrong.

I’ve been feeling really weird lately – happy but also stressed out at the same time. Somehow the things that are making me happy are kind of stressing me out – how does that work?

Anyways, if I have any hope at all at getting to bed in the next while, I should go back to my homework now. Sigh.