And that’s when Shannon got consumed by work. Omnomnom.

And it’s only halfway through my internship!

Wow, it’s been an insane week. Sorry for being so MIA – I’ve been at the office until 9ish every night this week, and by the time I get home all I have the energy for is collapsing on the couch with some tv or my book. I kind of feel like I’m back in school, only with a lot more perks and free food. It was just a very busy week, though, so hopefully it’ll settle down. We get three days off next week for July 4th, and someone I miss very much is coming to visit me, so I’m just going to look forward to that. It did mean that I was in the office for most of my day today, but I’d rather work over the weekend than work over the holiday.

I had a crazy busy fun-filled weekend last week with one of my favourite SF events, which I didn’t get a chance to blog about earlier. Pride! Saturday was filled with dim sum, wandering around Fisherman’s Wharf, a mad dash to get to Ike’s Sandwiches before they closed (which, by the way, was totally worth it), and BRAVE! I’ve been so hyped to see that movie. I was literally doing excited dances around the movie theatre. It ended up being pretty good, though I think not my favourite Pixar – I still think Wall-E is brilliant. SF was extremely busy as well, which was to be expected. At one point we took a bus where I could not move a single part of my body because I was sandwiched in between so many people. I now know what a sardine feels like.

Sunday was the Pride parade, which was a lot of fun but extremely exhausting.

We marched with Google, which is always exciting, but since we were farther back in the parade we had to wait for ages to actually get going. It was a good hour and a half of just standing around, and our friends in Facebook were even farther back. By the time it was all over, we were so tired we headed back to my apartment in Sunnyvale and collapsed by the pool.

Anyways, this weekend has been pretty quiet – some shopping, stuffing my face at the Cheesecake Factory, and work today. Also, I always have to mention something food-related because I’m obsessed, so here it is: I got some wild boar sausage from the farmers market yesterday, and made it tonight for dinner with pasta and squash – SO DELICIOUS. I had a foodgasm. I’d post a recipe, but it was extremely simple. I pan-fried the sausage, cut up a yellow squash and sauteed it as well with coconut oil and some salt, added the pasta and some cheese and devoured it. The sausage fat was enough to give the pasta flavouring, so I didn’t need any pasta sauce – it was perfect.

Two more days until a rest!