I was thinking about blogging earlier, but I haven’t really had much to say – it’s been pretty homework-filled over here. That beautiful sun hasn’t been all so helpful in this regard, as all I want to do is lie in a puddle of sunlight and fall asleep. Preferably in a way that allows me to get a nice all-around tan.

The other thing that’s been taking my time has been sweating it out on my mat. I’m on day 22 on my 30-day yoga challenge. It’s been a really interesting and enlightening experience, which I honestly didn’t expect. I’m the kind of person that feels fat a lot, no matter my activity level or health-food ingestion. I can run for 10k, come home and eat a salad, and still feel obese. I’m finding that yoga is helping, though, in teaching me to just breathe, focus on how I feel in the poses, and try to forget about who is the skinniest in the room and whether I’m working as hard as the person beside me. It was a difficult thing to do at first, and I still succumb to the temptation to peek at other’s warrior 2s, but after 22 days of yoga even I have to admit that I feel healthier – which leads to me feeling better about myself. It also helps with the homework stress. How can you tell I’m a Vancouverite? Obsessed with yoga, sushi, sun and sky…

The other thing I did this past week was make macarons with my mom. We took a macaron making class a few weeks ago, and this was our first crack at them.


We decided to make lemon buttercream and chocolate macarons. They came out pretty well for our first try, but we agreed that we probably overbeat the egg whites because they were a little crispier than we wanted. Macarons are tricky little buggers.



I think it’s definitely a practice makes perfect type of thing, but here is attempt number 1. I am determined to become a macaron queen. In my moments between essay writing.